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For professional and complete LPG gas services, go no further than Black Bros. We can assist with any commercial or residential gas service or installation. We can arrange it all. We sell a great range of gas appliances including hot water, cookware and fridges. Call in at Blacks Leading Appliances to see the range. We can install your new appliances and organise your gas supply via the ELGAS delivery network. That's personalised local service. Do you have an appliance that has broken down and don't know if it's worth repairing? We have our own qualified and trained repair personnel who can visit your home and do a repair appraisal. If you decide not to repair the appliance, we offer a   free of charge Service Call Voucher which can be redeemed when you buy a replacement appliance from Blacks Leading Appliances. That's what we call super value for money. We offer the complete LPG service for your convenience.